We at Rival Boxing gym Cochrane offer training program for small teams.


Strength training: Not in the usual weight room, we offer sport oriented strength and power workouts for players. Jumps, bodyweight movements, dumbbell, kettlebell lifts with emphasis on explosive movement for a better performance.


Cardio and stamina: Boxing is certainly the most demanding sport in terms of stamina and cardio output. Our punching drills make the athletes improve their cardio, while footwork drills help with coordination and balance. When we combine punching and footwork, the benefits are even greater!


Confidence and team cohesion: Even though boxing is an individual sport, we make the training sessions oriented towards team work and effort. Using the new skills they learn about footwork and boxing stance, the athletes play games and drills to reinforce their team relationships. 

Anne Garrido is a Level 2 Boxing coach, L1 CrossFit trainer with Sport Specific (CrossFit Football) certification, Certified sport and exercise nutritionist Pn1 and Registered Massage Therapist.

Personal Training

Choose between: 
30 minutes sessions to improve boxing specific skills
1 Hour session including general conditioning to get you fit
and specific boxing skill work
All our private sessions are tailored according to you needs, you receive 100% attention from your coach and you see the results fast!
Contact us for more details on single sessions and packages.

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