2019 Edition: All Female Boxing Card


MEET THE FIGHTERS    2017 edition

Edward grew up in the UK and has been a boxing fan all his life. He moved to Canada to become a ski instructor a few years ago.
When Edward heard of K.O Cancer charity event, he knew he couldn't miss the chance to try his hands in boxing! Edward will fight in the Super Heavyweight category. Get ready for power punches! 
Single mom of two boys who works in retail and small business in Cochrane. Lori-Lynn decided to take the challenge mentally physically and emotionally for cancer charity and so her kids can see that hard work pays off.
"To anyone out there wondering if they can do it I would say "never say never!"
Jacob is one of our youngest fighter on the K.O Cancer card! 
Jacob is 10 years old, has 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother.
"My favorite things to do are hangout with my friends, skateboard, box, cook, and play video games. When I grow up I hope to be a police officer."
"Matt Roberts, one of the major inspirations behind this event, is one of my oldest and best friends. I thought that taking this boxing opportunity was a great way to honor the battle that Matt went through over the last few years. If Matt could get through his insane experience which included multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation, then I can definitely get through a few conditioning classes or whatever else Craig and Anne throw at us. And if I can help raise some money for this great cause, even better!"
Born in north London England
Job, millwright.
Ricky has been a boxing fan since childhood, growing up in England boxing is a huge part of everyday life. In his late teenage years he became a huge fan of Ricky Hatton.
Ricky always wanted to get into the ring but life has always had a way to stop him..."So I decided that life wasn't going to stop me this time."
Adrienne was raised on a farm in southern Alberta and work as a heavy equipment operator in coal and oil sands mines. "Cancer has affected many people I care about"
Adrienne always wanted to try boxing, but never lived anywhere it was a possibility. "I'm new to town and thought it would be a great way to get involved in my new community."
"It's given me a new respect of how much knowledge, dedication and passion someone needs to have to be successful and progressive in the sport."
Husband and father, currently a cook and has just finished the welding technician program at S.A.I.T.
Kyle told us that the coolest thing about this experience is seeing how hard everyone is working and how excited they all are for this night. everyone is pushing themselves and getting the most of their training! its a really awesome atmosphere!
"My name is Paul Twomey and I’m 34. I recently finished my military career where I was stationed in Edmonton and was a member of the 3rd battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Parachute Company.
After moving to Cochrane, I was looking for a new challenge and I found that at Rival Boxing Cochrane. This charity event is a great way to raise funds for a good cause."
" I grew up playing sports all the time, but always had to work hard to be good at any of them." Kelsey coaches a women's competitive soccer team.
"The atmosphere and energy in the gym every night has been amazing! We're all out there working towards the same goal and none of us have done this before! So it's been really fun watching everyone progress and feeling the improvement in myself as well."

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