Rival Boxing Cochrane is all about boxing, fitness and having fun. We make boxers. We make people fit. We make people healthy. We make people strong. We make people lean. We make people fast. And we do it using the principles and protocols of boxing. 

We have taken what was generally considered a male-dominant, underground and elite sports domain… and created an accessible fitness platform for everyone to experience. Men, women, beginners, advanced, amateur boxers and pros. No egos, no attitudes, it’s more about a group of people who are there to have fun and go hard! 

We cater for the excitable 5 year old and the energetic 65 year old… and every fitness level in between. Our coaches are personable, friendly and the best in the business. Their primary goal is to assist you in being the best you can be, to raise the quality of life through fitness, confidence and a sense of belonging. All of our trainers/instructors are current or former boxers/kickboxers with professional and amateur experience. We ensure proper techniques. 

In a saturated health and fitness market dominated by aimless and unsupervised 24/7 gyms, people are looking for more variety, personal attention and professional guidance.  We focus on contemporary training techniques, explosive interval-based activities and more of the things you might not expect to see at a conventional gym. But expect to be challenged, expect to see change and expect to be served by some of Cochrane's leading boxing and fitness professionals.





Owner, head boxing coach.
Certified Nutritionist Pn1. Registered Massage Therapist. CFL1
I grew up in France, where I've always lived an active lifestyle, running, rock and ice climbing, skiing in the French Alps. I also competed in horse riding in my early twenties. After moving to Canada 13 years ago, I started exercising differently. I joined conditioning classes as a way to socialize in my new country.
I competed as an amateur boxer for 3 years before focusing more on coaching. From day one I fell in love with the sport so much that at some point I literally lived in the gym! My passion led me to more coaching in the last couple of years and when the opportunity to run the gym came up I just couldn't pass it. 
I believe that there is no age to set goals, I want to see young and less young people in the gym working hard towards their dreams! 
Conditioning Coach, Kickboxing Instructor
My path in fitness, training, competition and sport has evolved over the years as I’m sure many can relate. I spent my youth playing ringette as a goalie, it wasn’t until I was 19 that I fell in love with combat sports. I started out doing kickboxing which eventually led me to boxing and the Rival gym here in Cochrane. 
I found similarities between boxing and being a goalie which kept me motivated to train. I always loved the aspect of team sports and the competition that came with it; but liked the independence being a goalie gave me. If there was a shot, I was the last line of defence, which I find similar to boxing. At the end of the day, you rely on your training and yourself to make or break a bout, it’s up to you how it turns out!
 Coaching and training is a passion of mine. Inside the gym as well as outside. When I’m not in the gym, you can catch me coaching my oldest daughter at the rink or cheering on my youngest at the pool! 


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